Formation of the Formation Guides

A Six-month Diploma Course in Formative Spirituality


  1. A knowledge of topics related to consecrated life, involving vocational discernment and formation of candidates;
  2. Their ability to assess and alter their own personal development and their formational skills;
  3. Their ability to plan and organise vocational orientation, discernment and accompaniment;
  4. Their ability to plan, implement and assess a plan for the various stages of formation;
  5. Their ability to organise and coordinate the methodological and relationship aspects of training.


  1. Be psychologically healthy, self-aware, capable of reflection and interiorization
  2. Be open to different ways of living religious life and capable of dialogue and sharing in an intercultural context
  3. Have the potential for being a good formator
  4. Be a professed member of a religious congregation or a cleric/priest
  5. Be currently responsible for the formation or being prepared for this role
  6. Have an adequate biblical and spiritual preparation
  7. Have a sufficient level of English to enable them to participate well in the programme
  8. Be recommended by their Superior General or Provincial as a current or future formator


  1. Processes of human and spiritual growth
  2. Intercultural living
  3. Vocation and the consecrated life
  4. Spirituality
  5. Prayer, community, ministry as dimensions of religious life
  6. The vows of religious life
  7. Discernment, accompaniment and spiritual direction
  8. Mission in the context of the world today
  9. Stages of formation and their processes


  1. The programmes will be organised over a period of six months spread over three years (during the months of April and May)
  2. Completion of all the courses
  3. An assignment at the end of the third year
  4. The student will have to go for spiritual direction, in the second and third year, to a qualified person of her/his choice at least twice a month and the report will be have to be submitted
  5. The student is required to do ten sessions of spiritual guidance