Pastoral Communication


  1. Preparing effective communicators/PRO for the diocese and provinces
  2. Enabling the candidates to be effective in their pastoral ministry with communication skills
  3. Using communicative skills and media techniques in catechesis, liturgy and youth ministry
  4. Preparing meaningful liturgy with the help of communication media.
  5. Forming formators to form formees and seminarians in communication, pastoral ministry and meaningful animation of community with the help of communication principles and media.
  6. Helping the animators of the diocese/province in communicative skills
  7. Conscientious the pastoral leaders on the roles of communication in life
  8. Enhancing the administrative skills for communication-directors of the diocese/ province
  9. Helping to review and participate in performing/fine arts, Christian architecture, icons, films, newspaper and pastoral sessions
  10. Helping participants to be effective writers in newsletters/magazines/parish bulletins
  11. Preparing participants to be adept at PowerPoint skills, short movies, posters, for pastoral ministry.

Duration: 7 January 2020 to 19 March 2020
Venue: Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore
Participants: Priests, Religious and Lay animators


1. Basic Courses

  1. Introduction to Pastoral Communication
  2. Theology of Communication
  3. Media Education
  4. Liturgy and Communication
  5. Communicative skills for Catechists
  6. Youth ministry and communication
  7. Internet and Social Media in Pastoral Ministry
  8. Pastoral Journalism
  9. Christian arts (architecture, paintings, icons,)
  10. Media Ethics
  11. Folklores and folk-arts in ministry
  12. Liturgical dance, liturgical drama
  13. Communication skills (verbal, interpersonal, rhetoric) in teaching and preaching
  14. Ads and Commercials for Value Education
  15. History of Communication
  16. Contemporary art and media for pastoral ministry

2. Skill Training

  1. Making Short movies
  2. Writing skills for a news bulletin/ article/ review
  3. Preparing PowerPoint/ posters for pastoral ministry
  4. Skills in Digital photography for liturgy, prayer, catechesis, education
  5. Skills in sound recording

3. Fieldworks and practical researches

  1. Analysis of Sunday Liturgy from a communication perspective
  2. Analysis of Christian art and architecture
  3. Review of Movies from a Christian Perspective
  4. Internet Research for pastoral ministry-resources
  5. Experience in communicative skills in pastoral ministry (catechesis, youth ministry, BCC,

4. Weekly Assignments/ projects

  1. Movie reviews
  2. Writing news and articles
  3. Communicative guidelines for Church music/architecture/liturgy/preaching
  4. Audio Visual Prayer services
  5. Audio Visual mass
  6. Digital photos for pastoral ministry
  7. Creating Biblical Newspapers
  8. Preparing AV Tools for catechesis
  9. Liturgical Hymn Analysis

5. Thesis

  1. A short scientific paper on a topic related to pastoral communication.

Admission to Pastoral Communication closes on 15th December. Application forms can be downloaded ,kindly contact us for more information.

Request an Admission

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