Bachelor of Theology


  1. The Pre-Degree course or its equivalent
  2. Completed a two/three-year course of Philosophy in a religious studentate or major seminary; OR in the case of non-clerical students, a B.A. Degree or its equivalent, and an adequate course of philosophical reflection in a recognized institute.


1) Sacred Scripture (41 Credits)

2) Liturgical Theology (5 Credits)

3) Patrology (2.5 Credits)

4) Church History (14 Credits)

5) Fundamental Theology (8.5 Credits)

6) Systematic Theology (42 Credits)

7) Pastoral Theology (11 Credits)

8) Spiritual Theology (3 Credits)

9) Moral Theology (18 Credits)

10) Canon Law (9 Credits)

11) Auxiliary Disciplines

  1. Congregational Studies (3 Credits)
  2. Preparatory Courses (2 Credits)
  3. New Testament Greek (2 Credits)
  4. Indian Christian Theology (2 Credits)
  5. Oriental Canon Law (3 Credits)
  6. Communication (1 Credits)

12) Seminars

  1. Systematic Theology
  2. Sacred Scripture

13) A Thesis on a Subject

Every student has to write a thesis of about 30 pages on a subject under the guidance of a professor.


  1. This a course consisting of 9 trimesters for non clerical students and 11 trimesters for clerical students
  2. The academic year is divided into three trimesters:
    1. First Trimester: from the beginning of June to the end of August
    2. Second Trimester: from the beginning of September to end of November
    3. Third Trimester: from the beginning of December to the middle of March (with two weeks break during Christmas season).
  3. Every candidate is obliged to attend all the classes of every prescribed subject.
  4. There will be an evaluation of each subject dealt with during the course
  5. The degree will be awarded only on the fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions and after the successful defence of the final dissertation.

Admission to B. Th closes on 15th May. Application forms can be downloaded ,kindly contact us for more information.

Request an Admission

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