Inauguration of the Academic Year 2019

Ordination to Diaconate 2019
March 20, 2019
Annual College Seminar
September 29, 2019

Inauguration of the Academic Year 2019

Greetings, joy and warmth, welcomed all the staff and students to the inauguration of the academic year of KJC 2019-2020. The day began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Joyce Thnikuzhiyil, the Provincial of the Province of Bangalore. After the celebration and refreshments, the inauguration function commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Rev. Fr. Joyce Thnikuzhiyil, Dr. E. Jerome Xavier, the chief guest, Rev. Fr. Shabu Thottumkal, the principal, Rev. Fr. Alex Kalathikkattil, the registrar, Rev. Fr. James Kadankavil and Rev. Fr. Anton Paul Padinjarathala, the rectors of Sacred Heart community and St. Francis de Sales communities and two students representing the Philosophy and the Theology faculty.

            Rev. Fr. Shabu Thottumkal, presented the Annual report in which he spoke of the long legacy of academic excellence and scholastic fineness and, spoke of the continuing efforts to nurture this in the coming years. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Joyce Thonikuzhiyil, the provincial who presented the Presidential Address and thanked all the staff and the community for all yeomen service in maintaining the high standard of the college. Rev. Fr. Alex, Rev. Fr James and Rev Fr Anton were brief in their speeches and enumerated the various efforts being taken to facilitate the students in pursuit of their education in philosophy and theology. Dr. E. Jerome Xavier Jesuraja, the principal of Indian academy autonomous College, was invited to deliver the keynote address. With encouraging yet challenging words, Dr Jerome spelt out the current changing socio-cultural religious scenario and the need for dedicated, committed Religious for transformation of the society by synergizing their energies and tapping the opportunities available. He also spoke of the various scandals involving the Church and spoke of the need to foster an inclusive, dynamic and compassionate approach which Pope Francis was championing. 

      The event also witnessed a book release by the Kristu Jyothi Publications headed by Rev. Fr Cyriac Thayil. Finally with time ticking away and the hunger pangs growing, the vote of thanks was proposed by Br Clement which ended with a hymn to Don Bosco.

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