Social Service Guild

ssg1-largeFrom the very outset, Kristu Jyoti College has been deeply involved in and committed to the uplift and welfare of the specific locality where it is situated, and of the city of Bangalore as a whole. This involvement and commitment assumed different thrusts in the concrete.

With a view to a more organised and articulated service to society, the Social Service Guild of Kristu Jyoti College (SSG) was constituted as a registered society on December 12, 1973. It has been functioning ever since and grown from strength to strength. One red-letter day which marks the annals of this guild is the event familiarly styled: “Freedom at Midnight”, when, on November 6, 1975, thanks to the intervention of the members of the Social Service Guild of Kristu Jyoti College, 40 families of bonded labourers in Chikka Basavanapura, (men, women and children), were set free. The SSG accompanied these families during the difficult journey from bondage to freedom, and helped them set up a Cooperative Society. Currently, the SSG is involved in ten of the villages neighbouring Kristu Jyoti College (Anandapura, Bhattarahalli, Chikka Basavanapura, Halehalli, Janata Colony, Jyoti Nagar, Kithaganur, Kithaganur Colony, Priyanka Nagar and Swatantara Nagar). Among the different programmes which the SSG has articulated in its response to the concrete challenges are: Scholarship Programme for the Children, Crèches, Tailoring Centres, the Formation of Self-Help Groups and Animation Programmes. .