M.Th – Liturgy

In order to be admitted to this curse, it is required that the candidate has a BTh degree in Theology. 

1) Basic Courses – 3 credits each (Obligatory for all)
  1. Theology of Christian Worship
  2. Liturgy, a celebration in symbols
  3. Liturgy as a community building action
  4. History of Liturgy
  5. Liturgy as the proclamation of the Word
  6. Liturgy as ministerial action
  7. Liturgy of the Hours
  8. Liturgy of the Eucharist – 4 credits
  9. Liturgical Year
2) Courses of Specialization – 2 credits each Choose any six of the following)
  1. Liturgical Prayer
  2. Liturgical Participation
  3. The eschatological dimension of Liturgy
  4. Liturgical Families
  5. Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation
  6. Sacrament of healing: Reconciliation and Anointing
  7. Sacraments of growth: Holy Order and Matrimony
  8. Sacramentals of the Church
  9. Liturgical Music
3) Optional Courses – 2 credits each (Choose any six of the following)
  1. Liturgy: celebration and communication
  2. Children’s liturgy
  3. Liturgy of Lent
  4. Liturgy of Easter Triduum and paschal season
  5. Liturgy of Advent and Christmas
  6. Eucharistic Prayer
  7. Liturgy and popular devotion
  8. Liturgy: art and architecture
  9. Liturgical spirituality
4) Supplementary Courses – Obligatory for all
  1. Latin – 3 credits
  2. Modern languages: (Italian, French, German) – 2 credits
  3. Methodology of scientific work – 2 credits
5) Seminars – 2 credits each (choose any three of the following)
  1. Liturgical Constitution of Vatican II and its impact
  2. Liturgy and evangelization
  3. Liturgy and Catechetics
  4. Liturgy and socio-economic reality
  5. Liturgical Inculturation in India
  6. Role of the laity in the Liturgy
6) Practical experiences in liturgical animation – 2 credits (Choose any two and homily, which is obligatory for all)
  1. Homily
  2. Animating parish liturgy
  3. Animating children’s liturgy
  4. Preparations of liturgical celebrations for various occasions and groups
  5. Preparation of commentaries for liturgical celebrations
  6. Organization of Lent and Holy Week Liturgies
  7. Liturgical Catechesis for various groups


  1. This a course consisting of 6 trimesters
  2. The academic year is divided into three trimesters:
    1. First Trimester: from the beginning of June to the end of August
    2. Second Trimester: from the beginning of September to end of November
    3. Third Trimester: from the beginning of December to the middle of March (with two weeks break during Christmas season).
  3. Every candidate is obliged to attend all the classes of every prescribed subject.
  4. There will be an evaluation of each subject dealt with during the course
  5. The degree will be awarded only on the fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions and after the successful defence of the final dissertation.
  6. Admission to MTh closes on 15th May. Kindly write to the following address or email for more information and for obtaining the application form. 

    Kristu Jyothi College
    Bangalore – 560 036
    Tel. (080) 28474139, 28474140, 28474145
    Mobile: +91-9448468030
    Email: kjc@vsnl.com; registrar@kjc.org.in
    Website: www.kjc.org.in